While we’re talking about SEO, the first thing that you need is to check your blog’s SEO on the SEO checking website on the internet. You also need to follow the article quality optimization and you should also optimize the keyword and its meta value. This time, we’d like to share 3 effective tips on how to make your blog very SEO-friendly.

1. The Format of the Blog’s URL posting link

Permalink or the Permanent link plays the great role in your article ranking in the search engine. There are several rules that you need to follow about the permalink in the blog.

a. The posting title cannot have more than 50 characters.

b. Don’t use the stop words in the permalink and the meta tag such as and, which, a, in, to, etc.

2. Maintain the keyword density

The keyword is the important aspect for your article position in a search engine. An article with so little keyword in it would make its rank and the keyword content to become relatively low. However, putting too much keyword in your article could make your article to become over optimized. The SEO keyword needs to be relevant to its article. After you’ve finished posting, you could analyze the whole post in order to figure out the correct way of placing the keywords.

3. The suitable label and related post

The label could increase the density of a post. Label need to have the suitable dilation with the category of a single category. For example, you’re going to make an article about “google chrome” with three categories of keywords windows, browser, software. Then the label would automatically increase the density of the keyword in the whole post and label will affect the writings in your article.

We hope this simple article could help you to understand a little bit more about the SEO-friendly blogs and articles.