If you ever do a search website in Google, Yahoo !, Bing, or other search engines, you will see a list of websites that are relevant to your search. The search engine sort search results are not random but based on the level of relevance and quality of the website.There are many factors used by search engines to determine the underlying those factors. Here is where the SEO works.

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the efforts to optimize the website for search engines in order to get a better ranking in the search results. The search engine uses a specific algorithm to rank websites based on ranking. By practicing SEO, meaning we adjust our website to be friends with those algorithms. Since there are search engines such as Google, almost everyone is looking for information online through the search engines. That is why the SEO is important to your business.


Google and other search engines are a product. They want other people are satisfied to use their services. Users want the best websites that are relevant to the search to appear on the first page. That’s why search engines have always wanted to show the best results for each keyword entered by the user. So the core of SEO is making your website the best for the keywords you want.

Okay, so it’s best. But in what way?

– Content presented
– Structure and Navigation
– User satisfaction (User Experience / UX)
– Popularity

In the SEO article, we will learn how you can become the best than your rivals.

Can your website be successful without SEO? Can.

But, there are chances of your website still needs a little more effort on your part to be successful. In addition to knowing use SEO services you understand how to create a successful website.


While we’re talking about SEO, the first thing that you need is to check your blog’s SEO on the SEO checking website on the internet. You also need to follow the article quality optimization and you should also optimize the keyword and its meta value. This time, we’d like to share 3 effective tips on how to make your blog very SEO-friendly.

1. The Format of the Blog’s URL posting link

Permalink or the Permanent link plays the great role in your article ranking in the search engine. There are several rules that you need to follow about the permalink in the blog.

a. The posting title cannot have more than 50 characters.

b. Don’t use the stop words in the permalink and the meta tag such as and, which, a, in, to, etc.

2. Maintain the keyword density

The keyword is the important aspect for your article position in a search engine. An article with so little keyword in it would make its rank and the keyword content to become relatively low. However, putting too much keyword in your article could make your article to become over optimized. The SEO keyword needs to be relevant to its article. After you’ve finished posting, you could analyze the whole post in order to figure out the correct way of placing the keywords.

3. The suitable label and related post

The label could increase the density of a post. Label need to have the suitable dilation with the category of a single category. For example, you’re going to make an article about “google chrome” with three categories of keywords windows, browser, software. Then the label would automatically increase the density of the keyword in the whole post and label will affect the writings in your article.

We hope this simple article could help you to understand a little bit more about the SEO-friendly blogs and articles.


People in these days are familiar with SEO matter. Yes, it is the process of affecting the visibility of a website in unpaid results of search engines. When talking about SEO, there are some many things that we can explore, which means that it will be required a lot of time to be able to describe the whole SEO. The main purposes of search engine optimization are to create a great  user experience. Aside from that, communicating to the search engines your intentions is another purpose of your SEO campaign. This then recommends your website for relevant searches.

With so many SEO experts out there, each of people who wants to benefit from the online presence can have even most options. Unfortunately, not all SEO companies create the equal result. In the online world, everything is possible including the chance to both grow and expand the business. No matter how many the competitors you have, by optimizing the search engines, you will be able to reach your main business goal. SEO could be a perfect option if you want to produce much more money online. The undeniable fact about this marketing option is that SEO can become the basic way to increase your traffic and visitors. However, you must ensure that SEO will work with other kinds of online marketing techniques and ways for better sales result. What are searching engines looking for?
– Content
– Performance
– Authority
– User experiences

Otherwise, purchased links, keyword stuffing, and poor user experience are what search engine will not look for. Using search engine optimization for your online business means that you have to deal with things related to it. As you know, today’s people love to take advantage of the ease given even by all providers of services or products. If you want your SEO campaign works well, below are things to know before choosing the SEO company.

1. Mobile is always growing

According to Google study, people spend over 15 hours a week researching on their smart devices. This fact, of course, gives you a big opportunity to choose SEO service that will also optimize the use of smart devices. The most people use their devices for the search need, the most sales you will get. Imagine how many people who will come to your site when your business can be found on the first page even though people search through a smartphone, not the personal computer.

2. SEO requires good content

Important to know that content is the basic of SEO. Either good or poor content plays the important role to what you expect. Fortunately, a professional SEO company usually provides the best service, so you should not worry about the quality of the content used to increase your ranking position.